We have four compassionate and knowledgeable optometrists who provide extensive eye exams for all ages. We screen for several eye diseases and conditions including cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy, retinal detachments, eye infections, and many others. If you would like to be free of contacts and glasses, we also offer laser eye surgery consultations.


Over a thousand frames are available for your choosing (see below for a few of the brands we carry). Our expert, experienced, and friendly staff will help you find the frame that you like. We also have an extensive collection of sunglass frames, as well as safety frames for work and children’s frames for the little ones. Our lenses are high quality and affordable, and we also offer optically superior high-definition lenses as well as coatings to help with night driving or long hours on the computer.


Sick of glasses? Our optometrists will gladly fit the healthiest and most comfortable contacts available, and our incredible staff will teach you how to insert and remove them on your own. Whether you’d like to try dailies or monthlies, single vision or for distance and near simultaneously, we will strive to fit you in a contact lens that suits you and your lifestyle. Famous brands include Bausch + Lomb Ultra and Biotrue, Acuvue Oasys, Biofinity, and many others.


State of the art technology like the Optovue iVue, Humphrey Field Analyzer, and Topcon Retinal Camera add extra quality to our eye exams. The Optovue iVue is a laser scanner that allows unparalleled assessments of the retina and macula, optic nerve, and cornea. The Humphrey Field Analyzer is the gold standard of perimetry, which is the measurement of your visual field (important for certain diseases like glaucoma or for driving test screenings). The Topcon Retinal Camera allows us to take pictures of your retina to show you how unique and healthy your own eyes are, or to keep track of any diseases that may be progressing (like melanomas or macular degeneration).

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The first time children should be assessed for full eye exams is at 6 months old, followed by 2 years old and every year after that until 20. These ages are fully covered by OHIP for an annual eye exam, as well as anyone 65 years old or older. We also provide free glasses for any child who needs them if they are in JK under the Eye See Eye Learn provincial program, so please call us if you have a child entering JK. Adults between 20 and 64 are recommended a full eye exam every 2 years as well.

Our Doctors

Our three doctors have decades of experience as well as the latest education between them. Dr.’s Tony, Peter, and Lara DiPasquale, and Dr. Joe DePinto all practice full scope optometry in order to meet your demanding visual needs, and we pride ourselves on adding a compassionate touch to our examinations. We look forward to helping you see the world clearly.

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